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Last updated on: September 24th, 2018

We welcome you to CompassFlights.com (the "website"). CompassFlights.com / Compass Flights is a Canadian-owned global Online Travel Agency (OTA) brand owned and operated by Compass Holidays Compass Holidays. At Compass Flights, it is our mission to provide you (the user / customer) with the best in class user experience, technology and customer support, tools, travel pricing and alternatives for your trips. You could learn more about Compass Flights by visiting our Corporate and Brand information on this page: About Compass Flights

All transactions, inquiries, conversation, bookings and reservations with Compass Flights are subject to the terms and conditions laid out on this page notwithstanding the point of origin of the inquiry (online on the website or using offline methods such as chat, email, face to face consultation or phone etc.).

Should you wish to share feedback with us, please email us on: feedback@compassflights.com. With attn to: Compass Flights Feedback.
(*Please note this email address will not respond to booking or travel related inquiries. Any such travel related requests need to be directed to Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support for assistance.)

We read every customer e-mail and mail and will respond as soon as possible.

For all purposes and for these terms & conditions, the term "you", "user" "customer" "passenger" "traveller" and "cardholder" refers to each person who purchases or receives travel services arranged through Compass Flights.
Please note there are section below entitled "Customer's Responsibilities" which we strongly recommend you read thoroughly to ensure you are aware of certain terms and conditions or limitations regarding travel documents that could ensure your trip booked with Compass Flights goes seamlessly.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

The use of all or any sections of the website is offered to you, the customer, conditional on your acceptance, without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. By using the website you agree solely to these Terms and Conditions, as written and listed on this page for the website (CompassFlights.com). By using the website you also consent to the terms laid out in the Compass Flights Privacy Policy. You also agree to the terms and conditions of the respective travel suppliers such as airlines, tour operators / tour providers / tour companies, car rentals, hotel, cruise line or hotel providing the travel product you are purchasing (e.g., flight tickets, vacation packages, flights, hotel reservations etc.). The Rules and Regulations (or Terms & Conditions) for the airline, travel supplier etc. providing the customer's selected product are made available during and or after the booking process via a featured link to their Terms and Conditions and those of Compass Flights (posted on this page). The said travel suppliers, airlines, hotels etc. ("supplier" or "suppliers") may change their terms and conditions at any point without prior notice and it is the customers responsibility to check them before commencing travel for a multitude of reasons.


Purchases made on CompassFlights.com or with Compass Flights will appear posted on your financial statements as "Compass Holidays".
Some purchases may directly reflect the airline, tour operator, hotel etc. name from time to time on your financial statements depending on the nature of the purchase. In some cases, multiple charges may reflect on your credit card which would total to the entire value of the purchase made by you on the website.

Compass Holidays. and its travel brands - Compass Flights, Compass Holidays do not store users Payment Card Information (Credit / Debit) and uses a secure third party merchant payment gateway processing provider to place charges on your payment card. We are proud of adhering industry data encryption and Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards to provide our users a safe and secure environment to exchange user and payment information with us during their entire travel purchase journey on the website.

Payment for online bookings is required in full at the time of purchase. Online purchases can be made using Visa, MasterCard credit cards. Airfare and vacation package purchases are 100% non-refundable. Any changes to existing bookings or reservations (only if permissible) are subject to cancellation and change charges set by the supplier. Third party credit cards may not be accepted in all cases without prior approvals.

If you wish to book with Compass Flights offline (not via the website) or receive personal support, Compass Flights accepts e-transfers, fund transfers and direct deposits (cash only). In case of such offline inquiries, bookings and requests, all the terms and conditions laid out on this page still apply to your purchases, inquiries, reservations, bookings etc. with Compass Flights. For offline support please contact Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support on support@compassflights.com or call 1-855-863-5111 for assistance and we will be glad to help you.

The credit card holder and/or payer (if payment is in cash tender) on the booking is the person with whom Compass Flights has the contract/agreement to provide travel services to and it is this person to whom Compass Flights is liable. By providing Compass Flights with authorization to use your credit card to pay for travel services, you are confirming that you will pay the total amount charged are subject the cardholder agreement with your card issuer, such as, but not limited to, interests and foreign currency fees. In addition, you agree not to chargeback your payment for the travel services you receive before, during or after your travel has taken place.

Please note, the billing address and cardholder name provided as part of the transaction must be the one associated with the payment card. If we are unable to validate the provided details, your booking will be cancelled with or without prior notice.

The amount displayed for an Authorized Transaction may be different from what you actually paid, as some merchants require a temporary hold to be placed on additional funds. This is a common practice for many other merchants such as: gas stations, restaurants, and hotels. The correct amount will display when the transaction is shown as a "Posted Transaction".

A delay may occur between the time a transaction is settled and removed from "Authorized Transactions", and when it appears in "Posted Transactions". Some transactions may appear as both an Authorized and a Posted Transaction until settled. Please contact your financial institution for more details.

When applying a Visa Debit Card, Debit MasterCard, or bank debit (Interac) card for payment, in the event of a cancellation, your funds may be held up to 60 days by your financial institution.In addition, you may be charged an additional transaction fee by your card issuer for online credit card purchases. Since the added delays are not mandated nor controlled by us, we strongly recommend alternative forms of payment, such as any major credit card, to avoid any delays and inconveniences.

Please be advised that space may be availability of products and prices are subject to changes on pending reservations. Vacancy, accommodations and ticket prices will only be reserved/ confirmed once the file (reservation, inquiry, booking request etc.) is paid for in full.

CompassFlights.com is a Canadian website that deals with many international vendors. All prices within this website are default set to Canadian Dollars. In some instances we may choose to show prices in United States Dollars. You could choose to view prices in other currencies such as "GBP", "Euros" etc.

Once your preferred currency selection is changed, the chosen currency shall show alongside the listed Flight, Hotel, Tour Package and/or car rental (e.g., EUR, GBP) etc. Prices on some flight bookings on foreign carriers may be shown in Suppliers dictate the currency to be invoiced to you. In the event the currency of invoice is different from the currency you prefer to browse our web site, an approximate exchange rate will be used to estimate the final amount due. However, the final amount charged to your credit card will depend on the exchange rate that your financial institution. Compass Flights does not have any control over exchange rate, nor the foreign transaction fees charged by financial institutions.

Refunds & Change Requests

No refunds will be issued for unused travel services or any unused portion of the services. Any changes to your booking are subject to the terms and conditions laid out on this page and those of the travel suppliers. These events are beyond the control of Compass Flights employees / staff and the travel suppliers and are not subject to compensation or refunds.

If you need to cancel your booking, you must contact Compass Flights Customer Support immediately (by phone only). Refundable products are subject to charges according to the Airline or Travel Supplier, Insurance Company Cancellation Policies and Compass Flights Cancellation fees, which will be determined by the nature of the booking (refundablility / non-refundability), amount of time before departure that you cancel. Please note that in the event of a partial or full refund, taxes, fees and charges are NOT refunded by the travel supplier. Airfare and certain package purchases are mostly 100% non-refundable. Usually, once electronic tickets (i.e. ticket numbers) have been generated for your air booking, your booking is considered finalized. Finalized bookings may be 100% non-refundable, or refundable with a monetary penalty deducted to the airline(s). Refund/change eligibility is subject to both rules imposed by the airline(s) on your booking and IATA Canada Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) and USA Agency Reporting Corporation (ARC) regulations. In addition to the airline or travel supplier imposed cancellation charges or change fees up to USD$300 / CAD$300 per traveler will apply as a service fee for any change requests or refund requests (for changeable/refundable bookings only). Currency of charges/fees will depending on the currency charged at time of initial booking. For more information regarding this, please contact Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support by phone on 1-855-863-5111 for assistance.

Refunds if any are made in the form of travel credit for future purchases on the website. In some exceptional cases, Compass Flights may issue discretionary refunds to the cardholder in lieu of said travel credits. We do not provide a guarantee for such refunds since they are case specific in nature.

Any changes to existing bookings or reservations are subject to cancellation and or change fees. Change of name, date, hotel, airline, seat etc. are considered cancellations and will result in cancellation charges or penalties which vary by airline and travel supplier. Failure to travel as booked for any reason will be subject to 100% cancellation penalty for all airlines and travel suppliers on the booking. Some airline tickets cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason.

Customer Service Security Verification:

Changes and cancellations can be requested on phone only and can be made only by the traveler or invoice payer booking. When changes or cancellations are requested via phone, Compass Flight representatives will conduct a 2 to 3 step verification to verify your identity; which may include: confirming booking confirmation numbers, email addresses, home address, telephone number, credit card digits used for the booking and/or passenger names and dates last travelled with Compass Flights etc.

Pricing Accuracy, Increases, Errors & Omissions

Compass Flights strives to maintain accuracy in pricing and availability shown on the website. At times, there may be pricing errors that are beyond our control or knowledge.
CompassFlights.com sources its prices and availability from multiple worldwide systems not controlled by Compass Flights. Occasionally, travel suppliers, airlines may have an incorrect price for a flight, package etc. If the price is incorrect, the travel supplier has the right to cancel that booking and refund collected amounts, and Compass Flights has no control over these pricing errors.

For Ontario Canada residents, in accordance with travel regulations, where there is an increase of more than 7 per cent in the price of services after a deposit has been paid, and such price increase is not a result of an increase in government taxes or a fuel surcharge allowed by the Canadian Transportation Agency, the customer may cancel their booking provided they contact Compass Flights on the same calendar day, in Eastern Standard/Daylight timezone of their booking creation time.

Prices displayed on Compass Flights's website may change during the same session without limitations or prior notice. This may be the result of an unannounced price update from the supplier or an unavoidable delay between the third-party service provider and the most current travel supplier price. If you disconnect from the website, and return later, prices could change at your next visit. We do not accept responsibility for the changes in pricing and availability shown on the website prior to a booking being successfully completed.

In the event more than one set of conditions apply to an itinerary then the most restrictive conditions of apply to the entire journey. Compass Flights is committed to provide users with current and accurate information on its website, however any misprints or errors may occur. Compass Flights, reserves the right to change the prices, fees, charges regarding the goods and services available on its website at any time and from time to time without any notice or liability to the user or any other person. Also, Compass Flights cannot guarantee that goods and services advertised on the website may be available when ordered or thereafter Compass Flights reserves the right at any time to reject, amend, cancel or terminate any order without prior notification. A final confirmation is only given by Compass Flights once airline tickets are issued and a final invoice is generated for the product reserved. Terms and conditions of the confirmation and sale will vary depending on the product reserved and are generally set out in the company's website or other notices issued from time to time.

Customers Responsibilities: Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover you for cancellation, health, baggage and other losses including out-of-province health insurance, if applicable. During every booking where possible, Compass Flights offers the option to purchase travel insurance to cover the traveller against any unforeseen circumstances that may occur prior to, during or after your trip. There are different types of insurance policies available and the purchase of insurance is an optional decision to the customer. It is the customers' responsibility to read and familiarize themselves with the travel insurance policy to understand what their purchased travel insurance covers and under what conditions. If the customer wants to make an insurance claim for travel insurance policies purchased on the Compass Flights website, it is their responsibility to contact Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support or the insurer directly.

Please check your invoice and or booking confirmation. If charges for an insurance policy are not listed or an insurance policy number is not noted, you have elected to DECLINE travel insurance and you are responsible for purchasing your own travel insurance.

Travel insurance is mandatory for travel to Cuba. You will be asked to provide proof of travel insurance upon arrival in Cuba, otherwise you may be required to purchase locally.

Please note that Compass Flights and it's sister brands do not accept responsibility for expenses and liabilities incurred by users arising out of declined trip insurance purchase and or the lack of purchasing travel insurance before or during the trip.

Customers Responsibilities

Minimum age

You confirm you are of legal age and have the authority to book travel services on behalf of yourself and on behalf of all those included in your booking. Travel Suppliers and Airlines may have their limitations on age requirements for certain departures and fares. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with their policies prior to booking.

Customers Responsibilities: Unaccompanied minors

If you have children travelling unaccompanied without an adult over the age of 18 years you are responsible to verify the unaccompanied minor rules and restrictions with the airline(s) prior to contacting a Compass Flight representative for assistance. Compass Fights does not accept bookings on the website for unaccompanied minors. For booking requests involving unaccompanied minors, please email Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support on support@compassflights.com or call +1(855) 863 5111 for assistance and a Compass Flights representative will be happy to help you with your travel needs.

The specific unaccompanied minor service requirements vary from one airline to another. If you fail to meet these requirements, children will be denied boarding and will forfeit the entire fare paid. Please note that flights booked may be codeshare with other airlines therefore the operating carrier's rules and regulations will apply. The customer is responsible for any additional unaccompanied fees charged by the airline(s). In case of unaccompanied minors.

Fraudulent activity

You agree not to make any speculative or fraudulent reservations / bookings or purchases in anticipation of collection information not generally available to the travel trade on Compass Flights. For better protection of the cardholder and the traveller and to avoid unauthorized usage, at any point during and after booking has been processed with the website, Compass Flights reserves the right to contact you and investigate the purchase and the payment means and request for additional proof of cardholder ownership. All fraudulent purchases will be investigated and prosecuted. Compass Flights is however not liable neither is obliged to investigate every purchase made on the website.

If we find your booking shows signs of fraud or suspicious activity, Compass Flights may cancel any bookings associated with your name and/or email address. If you have conducted any fraudulent activity, Compass Flights will take legal action and you may be liable for any losses to Compass Flights & Compass Holidays, including legal costs and damages. To contest the cancellation of a booking please contact Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support on phone at 1-855-863-5111 for assistance . (All cancellation and change requests are only serviced on phone).

Customers Responsibilities: Correct Spelling of Name(s)

It is your responsibility to ensure that the spelling of all names are correct and correspond to the names listed on the Government Issued Photo-Identification documents (such as driving license or passport) of each person on the booking. These exact spellings will appear on your invoice, booking confirmations and ticket(s) and if they are incorrect, you may be refused travel commencement by the airline, travel supplier or immigration authorities (as applicable).

It is also your responsibility to accurately provide full legal names as they appear on Government Issued Photo-Identification documents to be used by travelers for all portions of the journey. Once a booking is processed, we may not be able to make corrections and or changes to the same. Change penalties may apply for any such requests wherever permissible by the airline, travel supplier etc. and may attract an additional service fee which will be assessed by Compass Flights and the airline directly.

Customer Responsibilities: Travelling Documents

It is your responsibility to carry accurate photo documentation for commencing your travel booked with Compass Flights. For instance in some countries, internal domestic travel using some modes of travel is permitted by only carrying Local National ID Cards or Passports whereas in some countries, Driving License or other permissible Government Issued Photo-Identification cards may be accepted for internal domestic travel.

It is your responsibility to contact the Consulate, Embassy, or Government Website of your Travel Destination and Airline to ensure you have the correct travel documents required to travel to every country / destination you will visit on your itinerary including the United States. Depending on the country of origin and or the country issuing your passport, you may be restricted from travel to some destinations, or you may require a visa that must be arranged well ahead of time. Most countries now require that a passport be valid for 6 MONTHS after the date of return of your trip. Please check the government website of the country you are travelling to.

If you require assistance with this or are unclear about where to get the correct information, please contact Compass Flights 24/7 Customer Support on 1-855-863-5111 for assistance and a Compass Flights representative will be happy to help you.

Customers Responsibilities:Documentation to return to Canada

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate documentation (passport, valid visa, applicable permits, permanent resident card, etc.) to re-enter Canada upon your return.

Special Requests, Meal, Seat Selection etc.

Some airlines will charge for advanced seat selection and provide meal selection options. Advanced seat selection is subject to change at any time and is fully controlled by the operating airline(s). Once you have purchased your ticket you can request a seat online directly through the airline's website. Advance seat selection is available on some airlines and is subject to availability and the fare type booked. If you are unable to obtain free advanced seat selection online, the airlines do hold a percentage of seats until the day of departure for airport check-in. Customers with special needs should contact Compass Flights as outlined below or contact the operating airline directly for their seating needs. Special requests are on request basis and are not guaranteed. The passengers need to contact the airlines directly to confirm such requests.

Special needs travellers and travellers with accessibility needs

If anyone on your booking requires accommodation for accessibility needs, please contact Compass Flights Customer Service team by emailing us at support@compassflights.com or call us on 1-855-863-5111 for necessary arrangements. Please note that honouring any requests are completely at the discretion of the airline or the travel supplier and is beyond the control of Compass Flights.

Customers Responsibilities:Review tickets, invoices and booking confirmations

Please thoroughly review your invoice, tickets, booking confirmations and itinerary to make sure all dates, times, products are exactly what you requested and that your names are all exactly as on your Passports or the Government Issued Photo-Identification you will use during travel. By your payment to Compass Flights for travel services you acknowledge you have reviewed and accepted our terms and conditions. Please be sure to fill out any required personal information by the Travel Supplier in advance of your trip, according to the requirements of that travel supplier. Any such information or additional information may be requested by a Compass Flights representative or the Travel Supplier before or during your trip by contacting you via your provided email or phone.

Flights & Baggage Restrictions

We recommend you check the website of your airline for check-in and cut-off times prior to departure for your flight and destination. You should also contact your airline to determine if there is any charge for checked baggage, excess baggage, as well as any weight and carry-on requirements specific to your airline, or your carry-on items could be refused. You should also check what items are permitted in your carry-on and check-in luggage since they may vary from airline to airline and country to country.

There is a chance that your journey involves two carriers that do not have ticketing agreements with one another. This means that your baggage will not be checked through to your final destination. In such cases, you will need to collect your baggage and recheck in and this may result in additional baggage charges. Please verify the minimum connection time and baggage information with the airlines directly before your departure.

Flight Departure Confirmation & Check in

Flight times are subject to change, including but not limited to the adding and removing of stops and connections. Please be sure to reconfirm all flight times 12 - 24 hours prior to departure by contacting your airline or checking their website. For self booked connecting flights, please be prepared for unforeseen delays that may prevent you from boarding your next flight.

We recommend that passengers allow plenty of time to check-in and obtain their boarding pass for their scheduled flight. Compass Flights will not be responsible for those passengers who check-in past the airline cut off times. Failure to meet check-in times may result in denied boarding, the loss of your assigned seat selection, cancellation of your full booking and the entire fare paid being forfeited with no option of re booking. Please reconfirm check-in cut off times with the airline directly as the suggested timings are guidelines only and are subject to change without notice.

Suggested Check in times :
  • Within Canada/USA - 60-90 minutes prior to departure
  • Between Canada/USA - 90-120 minutes prior to departure
  • To/From International - 180-210 minutes prior to departure

If Compass Flights becomes aware of a change; every effort will be made to advise you directly. Please ensure you contact your airline at least 24-48 hours prior to departure and to be safe, again on the day of departure. It will be your responsibility to reconfirm all your flight details before departure. If there has been a last minute change by your Airline directly (within 48 hours) Compass Flights is no longer responsible to notify you, it is the responsibility of your operating Airline. This is mandated under TICO (The Travel Industry Council of Ontario) and why it is also suggested to reconfirm flights prior to departure.

Any minor changes less than 30 minutes or with flight number changes will be automatically accepted on your behalf. Any changes 30 minutes to three hours prior or later from the original departure time (if it conflicts with another confirmed ticket itinerary schedule); passengers will be given an option to modify the flight times within 5 days of receiving the schedule change by email. This modification must be with the same carrier, in the same cabin for first available flight. These modifications can only be performed within the airline's schedule change rebooking guidelines and cannot be guaranteed. Any voluntary changes are subject to the carrier's normal change or cancellation penalties. If not acknowledged within 5 days from the receipt of the email communication, Compass Flights will accept it on behalf of the passengers. We cannot guarantee that the airline will allow modification after the ticket has been reissued or revalidated by the airline. Any major schedule changes beyond three hours from the original departure times; we will send an email notification to your provided email address followed by a phone call (where possible) to review the affected schedule change. Schedule changes delayed or advanced by 24 hours or more are subject to the next available flight or a full refund. We will not be responsible if the customer fails to enter the correct email and/or phone information at time of booking. All schedule changes are mandated by airlines directly. Airlines reserve the right to change, cancel or refund based on adjustments to their flight schedules. Compass Flights assumes no responsibility for airline schedule changes, however we will do our best to provide alternate travel options if available.

Travel Advisories, Local customs and holidays in your destination

Before booking a trip with Compass Flights, please ensure that you've checked your destination for any travel advisories that may affect your choice to book.

Please be aware that every country has its own local customs, holidays, holiday closures, etc. Please check the tourist board website for your destination to be aware of any customs or holidays that may affect your vacation.

Frequent Flyer / Loyalty Programs

Most of our airfares allow accumulation of frequent flyer / loyalty programs. Please note, airlines have the final decision over the eligibility of the itinerary and/or account of such programs.

Compass Flights Fees

Compass Flights at times charges a booking fee on flights to a particular destination. We may also charge a booking fee for certain dates. This fee is combined into the total cost of your booking. By agreeing to the total purchase price of the ticket, you have also agreed to the Compass Flights Booking Fees. This fee is charged by Compass Flights and not the airline in CAD currency.

Customer claims

You must notify Compass Flights, via e-mail at support@compassflights.com or by mail to the address indicated above for any claim you may have against Compass Flights, within 30 days from the event giving rise to the claim. Should you not file a written complaint with Compass Flights within 30 days of the end of your travel or use of the travel services obtained through this website, it will be deemed that you are satisfied with the services delivered to you. You may not commence any legal proceeding against Compass Flights unless you have submitted a notice as set out above.

Liability and Limitations

Compass Flights in its capacity as an OTA, makes arrangements with travel suppliers who provide travel services such as flights, cruises, hotels, package holidays, car rentals etc. The services arranged by Compass Flights are subject to the conditions imposed by these individual suppliers, and their liability may be limited by their own tariffs, conditions of carriage, and international conventions.

Compass Flights does not invest, own, manage, operate or control any airline, flight, hotel, resort, cruise ship, restaurant, and is not responsible for their acts or omissions. Compass Flights does not guarantee any travel suppliers' rates, reservations, connections, scheduling, or protection of personal belongings.

Compass Flights assumes no responsibility for the actions of its travel suppliers, i.e. airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, car rental companies, etc. for overbooking, staff service standards, route changes, cancellation or delays. All information, prices policies and availability are subject to change.

Compass Flights will not be responsible for the acts or omissions of any person other than our agency and our employees / staff acting on our behalf.

Compass Flights shall not be liable for any damages including but not limited to illness, theft, labour action, acts of God, mechanical failure, equipment failure, quarantine, rescheduling, government action, war, insurgency or act of terrorism or other events beyond our control.

Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyrights, Logos, Images and likeness

Certain names, words, titles, phrases, logos, icons, graphics or designs or other content in the pages of the site are trade names or trademarks owned by Compass Holidays. (dba Compass Holidays) or its subsidiaries such as Compass Flights, or trade names or trademarks licensed to them. The proprietary contents of this site are Intellectual Property of Compass Holidays. and may not be used without prior written consent. The display of trademarks and trade names on pages at the site does not imply that a licensee of any kind has been granted to anyone else. The information is for your personal use only. Any unauthorized downloading, re-transmission, or other copying or modification of trademarks and/or the contents of the site may be a violation of any federal, common law or other law that may apply to trademarks and/or copyrights and could subject the copier to legal action. The information is protected under the copyright laws of Canada and other countries. Unless otherwise specified, no one has permission to copy, redistribute, reproduce, re-publish, store in any medium, re-transmit, modify or make public or commercial use of, in any form, the information.


You also agree to the terms and conditions of the respective travel suppliers such as airlines, tour operators / tour providers / tour companies, car rentals, hotel, cruise line or hotel providing the travel product you are purchasing (e.g., flight tickets, vacation packages, flights, hotel reservations, cruise packages, etc.). The Rules and Regulations (or Terms & Conditions) for the tour operator, airline, travel supplier etc. providing the customer's selected product are made available during and after the booking process via a featured link to their Terms and Conditions and those of Compass Flights. The said travel suppliers, airlines, hotels etc. may change their terms and conditions at any point without prior notice and it is the customers responsibility to check them before commencing travel.

We are required and would be pleased to answer any questions that you may have concerning the above. Compass Flights records all calls for quality assurance and training purposes.

This website constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices and Privacy Policy.